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RailWorks provides construction, repair and maintenance of railroad bridges across North America to keep our railways safe.

Bridges and Structures

A critical component of your railroad track maintenance program is the upkeep of your bridges and structures. RailWorks has experience working on all types of steel, timber and concrete railroad bridges.

Our veteran field professionals act as essential members of your bridge management team, partnering with you on railroad bridge construction, ongoing maintenance and emergency repair.

  • Construction – We bring experienced workers and all necessary equipment on site, working reliably and efficiently to deliver a quality product within the work window you establish.
  • Maintenance – Our personnel bring specialized training and ingenuity to every job, providing thorough inspections and, if warranted, repairs to ensure your bridges meet operating standards.
  • Emergency Repair – When you are faced with a bridge washout, collapse or other urgent situaton, our on-call bridge crew assembles immediately to respond so that your service is restored promptly.

Find out more about RailWorks services in construction, maintenance and repair of railroad bridges and structures with this brochure.These are just a few of the bridge and trail maintenance solutions provided by RailWorks. To learn more about RailWorks' extensive railroad bridge services, please contact us or refer to our bridge brochure.