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RailWorks Great Works

A RailWorks production crew took special precautions to complete a rehabilitation project on the Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS) Bonnet Carré Spillway Bridge in Louisiana.
There are great works. And then there are great works. RailWorks salutes all responders during the Hurricane Harvey crisis in and around Houston.
It was 4 p.m. at the Engelhard Drive crossing on the Newmarket Subdivision, and a PNR RailWorks crew was securing the jobsite by boarding up trenches and installing snow fencing. A typical routine. Yet something didn't look quite right.
PNR RailWorks employees initiated a series of what we at our company hail as “RailWorks Great Works” — which in this instance were not just great, but ultimately were lifesaving.
Herculean, maybe, but not pedestrian. Such were the efforts of PNR RailWorks track and signals & communications (S&C) crews as they faced daunting conditions in helping to install pedestrian tunnels beneath Metrolinx tracks west of Toronto.
You never know when a seemingly small gesture will make someone’s day. That's what happened when a pair of PNR RailWorks employees with the GO Transit Maintenance office in Mississauga, ON, helped a woman in need.
During a tie change-out job in Greater Toronto, ON, PNR RailWorks maintained such an impressive pace that customer GO Transit decided to up its order. And PNR RailWorks delivered.
PNR RailWorks thermite welders based in British Columbia are the go-to group for crane rail welding at the Port of Vancouver and beyond.
J.P. Onhiser, RailWorks Bridge Division superintendent, was at a lake near his home hoping to snag some crappie when he came upon, and helped rescue, a swimmer in trouble.
In a historic tunnel south of Grand Central Station, L.K. Comstock and RailWorks Transit crews replaced the Vanderbilt circuit breaker house (CBH) that powers NYCT's Flushing (7) Line.
It was a massive undertaking involving multiple RailWorks crews and just 32 hours. Read how personnel completed a wide range of work in a weekend window for CN at its Kirk Yard in Gary, IN.

It’s the job of Patrick Picotte, a PNR RailWorks foreman, to ensure the safety of everyone on the worksite. On a night in early June, that job included not only the workers but also a trespasser, drunk and despondent, whose life Patrick almost certainly saved.

While most of us in the United States were enjoying backyard barbeques, fireworks and other festivities on the Independence Day holiday weekend, RailWorks Track Services crews were working around the clock to literally bail out an important customer that was at the mercy of the mighty Mississippi River.
The year was 1989. Working in Delson, Quebec, “in a backyard, with a pickup,” brothers Marcel and George Coyle started Entretien de Voies Ferrees Coyle Inc., the genesis of PNR RailWorks Quebec Inc.
CN’s Chief Engineer, Design & Construction James (“Jim”) McLeod issued a challenge last June, and the PNR RailWorks Track office in Alberta took it seriously. No reservations. No excuses. No complaints. Just plain hard work and a can-do attitude to complete important work for a valued customer, no matter what else also was on the schedule.
Three RailWorks employees called on their first aid training – along with their character and adrenaline – to help at an accident scene while in Lakeville, MN, for an annual safety meeting.
Throughout RailWorks’ offices in North America during the holidays, there are examples of holiday spirit , good cheer and generosity.
When two off-duty PNR RailWorks employees got involved to help reopen a streetcar line, they allowed the public enjoy their appointed ride and earned the gratitude of the group that operates the streetcar.
The actions of some PNR RailWorks employees to help a boy inspired a grateful mom to turn to the Internet to ensure her appreciation was widely known.

After a serious car accident in Oshawa, ON, a group of PNR RailWorks Signals & Communications employees was among the first to help.

RailWorks’ Mechanic Ruben Antonio gives his time every November – usually a week surrounding the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday – to take part in a mission trip.
Just as the rain came in torrents one July day in Toronto, the PNR RailWorks response was strong and fast to rectify train delays and cancellations for longtime customer GO Transit.

On one extremely stormy night in May, PNR RailWorks Foreman James Filipchuk went far beyond just doing his job well when he helped his customer in Toronto, Ontario, avert an almost-certain derailment.

The Tucson Streetcar project team has a not-so-secret weapon in its arsenal that is contributing to its excellent results. The team draws on skills developed through more than 50 years of combined uniformed service around the world with the United States military.
Find out what on-the-job challenge caused this PNR RailWorks superintendent to shave his head.
RailWorks subsidiaries came away as safety winners at the 35th annual conference of the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC).
The respectful efforts of two RailWorks bridge crews draw the praise of a Georgia man.

RailWorks Transit’s requested changes to a track surveying tool were so right for the New York City Transit (NYCT) Authority that NYCT now requires other contractors to use the same modifications.

Hurricane Sandy swept up the East Coast of the United States in late October 2012, causing more than 100 deaths and leaving a path of devastation estimated to cost more than $50 billion.

Fifty-four hours. Two joint venture partners. Five subcontractors. More than 125 workers spread out over four project sites spanning 30 miles. About $2 million of work. Trolling alligators and a throng of mosquitoes. It's a weekend outage on SunRail, a 62-mile design-build commuter rail project under way in the Greater Orlando area.
RailWorks Track Systems broke ground June 26 on a new, 20,000-square-foot regional facility in Deer Park, Texas.

There’s nothing like building three diamonds and six switches in a tunnel to reshape your views about track construction logistics.   

When they sized up the complexities of their pending work on the Chicago Loop, RailWorks Track Services determined the smart approach was to build a site model.

A banner in the manufacturing area of HSQ Technology denotes its designation by a noted global authority as a quality organization.

In the proverb that says it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, “the darkness” represents a problem.  But for a RailWorks-led unload crew in Orlando, Fla., the darkness actually presented not a problem but a solution. 

When RailWorks employees gather, they get down to business, and it is not unusual for that business to be aimed at helping others.

From Texas to New York, RailWorks employees are finding fun ways to get fit.
RailWorks salutes active duty military and veterans in the United States and Canada.
RailWorks Track Systems jumped in deep to assist customers during extensive flooding across the Central U.S. in the spring and summer of 2011.
The PNR RailWorks Signals & Communications division added a prestigious feather to its cap after earning ISO 9001:2008 certification.
People in and around Abbotsford, BC, were treated to a unique view of the area’s history through an unusual art exhibit.
Employees from the RailWorks Track Systems’ Lakeville and Central Corridor Light Rail Transit offices helped out during a holiday event to feed hungry children in the Philippines. Read about how much food they packaged.
A mission to return his 65-acre pasture to its original, prairie state led RailWorks’ Randy Ruppert into broader conservation efforts. Read about how Randy works to preserve and restore prairies in and around his home state of Nebraska.
Jack Wilt understands that building strong track goes hand in hand with building strong relationships. He lives by the Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated. It’s a simple philosophy that has guided Jack through his 35-year career from Wm. A. Smith to RailWorks.
It was just like the start of any other work day. Operator Bill Rozevink was seated in the front passenger seat on the way to the job site. Suddenly he heard a gurgling noise. He turned and realized his foreman, who was driving the vehicle, was having a seizure.
Railroad construction is a challenging endeavor no matter where it occurs. But nowhere can one gain a better appreciation for the hardships of building railroad track than when biking the Route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail.
Team RailWorks hit the 3.5-mile running course in Manhattan’s Central Park for the 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge. RailWorks was one of 373 companies participating in the philanthropic event in June 2010.
PNR RailWorks completed construction of the Olympic Line, the demonstration streetcar project constructed especially for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Learn more about it and other transit lines in Vancouver that moved athletes and visitors during the Games.
What do you get when you cross a RailWorks track construction manager with a pumpkin patch? If it’s Dana Goss, you get some fabulous jack-o-lanterns. Dana is at it again, carving some real whoppers this year: 368 lbs., 445 lbs., 509 lbs. and 696 lbs.
Railroad production gangs are all about getting results. RailWorks salutes its production gangs for their hard work and exemplary results to keep track throughout the United States and Canada in tip-top operating condition.
Merry Nemeth, a controller for RailWorks Track Services, was among 900 participants in a 3-Day journey for breast cancer awareness. The 3-Day event in Cleveland raised more than $2 million for breast cancer research. Thanks to support from family, friends and RailWorks employees across the country, Merry raised more than $3,000 of $18,000 contributed by her team.
RailWorks Senior Vice President of Tax Gene Cellini is a standout in the office and on the field of life. Southern Connecticut Pop Warner recognized him for his decades of volunteer service.
RailWorks’ Track office in Fremont, Neb., achieved a rare accomplishment in the construction world during 2008. The office, which provides track construction services throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Western Iowa, and Eastern Wyoming, worked the entire year without a reportable injury.