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Crews Caught Doing the Right Thing

The crews of foremen Ken Parkus (top) and Larry Getman (directly above) drew the praise of a Georgia resident following a bridge maintenance job on a segment of the Georgia & Florida Railway in Albany, Ga.

An action that to one person is run-of-the mill or is simply a given is to another person an unusual and valued gesture. 

That was the case not long ago when an Albany, Ga., resident was pleasantly surprised by some RailWorks workers. Ronnie Register of Albany wrote to the Georgia & Florida Railway (GFRR) to commend RailWorks Track Systems’ foremen Larry Getman and Ken Parkus and their respective crews, who’d been on a bridge maintenance job along a segment of the railroad’s line that passes through the Registers’ property.
The crews, Ronnie said in his letter, “performed some maintenance along a section of track by our home. They were courteous and professional. When they completed the job, they thoroughly cleaned their staging site and removed all the debris, including some that had been left by previous crews.”
This effort was simply the respectful, do-unto-others thing to do. It showed the integrity RailWorks is known for, and it was significant to the Registers. Having lived at the location since 1989, Ronnie noted that “unfortunately, many times we are left to clean up after railroad contractors who leave all kinds of debris when they leave the site. We try to maintain the area parallel to the track, as it is the drive up to our home, and the debris left behind makes it very difficult and is unsightly.”
It might’ve been all in a day’s work, but when RailWorks’ employees removed the debris, they also took away a troublesome task for the Registers. And they left behind warm feelings of appreciation.
“Thank you,” Ronnie’s letter concluded, “for hiring good folks who help keep our neighborhood looking great.”