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Employees Render Aid After Accident

RailWorks Tamper Operator Bill Rozevink, Machine Operator Jerod Jobson, and Lowboy Driver Jon Osantowski assisted at the scene of a highway accident in Minnesota until an ambulance and the police arrived.

Three RailWorks employees called on their first aid training – along with their character and adrenaline – while in Lakeville, MN, for an annual Central Division safety meeting.
Lowboy Driver Jon Osantowski, along with Tamper Operator Bill Rozevink and Machine Operator Jerod Jobson, were traveling from the Lakeville office late on a Wednesday afternoon when they witnessed a head-on collision between a car and a semi-truck.  The truck driver was able to walk from his vehicle, but the driver of the car was pinned inside and badly injured. 
Jon, an emergency medical technician (EMT) with 12 years’ experience on a volunteer ambulance crew, provided cardio-pulmonary resuscitation to the 16-year-old boy. Jerod called 911 and then assisted Bill with traffic control. All three remained on the accident scene until an ambulance and the police arrived.
Jon said that the protocol he had learned and practiced kicked in right away. “I just basically got up there to assess the scene and see if there was anything to be done.” He asked Jerod to ensure the car’s battery was unhooked so that no additional airbags could deploy. At the same time, Jon was attending to the boy, who’d been driving the car. “I found he didn’t have a pulse. I stabilized his head and was able to recline the seat. I gave him two chest compressions and cleared his airway, then started CPR and did get a pulse.  By the time the ambulance and fire department arrived, we’d actually had a couple of responses out of the young man. I was able to coach his breathing (until additional emergency personnel arrived).”
Jon, Jerod and Bill were recognized the next day at the division safety meeting. Regional Safety Director Ralph Weber notes that “there is no doubt that the actions of all three employees were responsible for keeping the accident victim calm and preventing any further incidents.”