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Great Works During an Epic Disaster

RailWorks’ Deer Park, TX, employee Carley Cates took a photo from a State Highway 146 bridge over the Cedar Bayou east of Houston near Baytown. Carley is one of about 175 RailWorks employees living and working in the Gulf Region who was affected by Hurricane Harvey. Cedar Bayou, TX, recorded 51.88 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey, a record for the continental United States. 
Employees want to do what they can to help others. Because RailWorks Cares, our 30-plus offices in the U.S. and Canada are gathering supplies for shipping to fellow employees in the Deer Park office. At that location, Willie Jackson prepares to deliver bottled water to our Beaumont office. Beaumont, about 80 miles east of Houston, lost its main and secondary water supplies.

There are great works. And then there are great works.

RailWorks salutes all who have responded and continue to respond to the Hurricane Harvey crisis in and around Houston. Responders have come from near and far. Some are disaster-trained first-responders. Many are citizens who’ve shown up with all manner of boats to transport thousands to safety, or who’ve brought supplies, or who’ve offered encouragement.

Some of those people are our own Texas employees who, while enduring their own storm-related challenges, have sprung into action to help. In addition to sharing their vehicles and supplies, some employees have housed one another (and people they had never met). As soon as they could find an open route, our Gulf Region workers have been on site at customer locations to assist with customer operations and re-establishing service.

Keep the great works coming. The effects of this disaster will be felt for a long time in southeastern Texas.