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Where in the World Is ‘Roger RailWorks’?

Where in the world is "Roger RailWorks"? He’s on Twitter, that’s where. And the better question might be:  Who in the world is he? 

Roger RailWorks is the name for a composite alter ego created to represent RailWorks senior field managers on the social interaction site Twitter ( Roger is the conduit for field leaders’ short “tweets” of information, as explained in his Twitter biography:

Roger RailWorks is a fictional character representing multiple RailWorks leaders. He is the channel for their collective tweets, sharing observations and insights from railroad construction work sites, railroad industry meetings and other, related venues.

The beauty of Roger is that he’s ubiquitous, tweeting from anywhere and everywhere our field leaders are. He might report from a job site or an industry meeting, providing an authentic, credible voice of authority who reflects the quality and diversity of our work. Over time, he’ll help to create greater awareness of the company’s leadership in the marketplace, conveying snippets about our great employees and the great work we perform.