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In Tune with His Musical Creativity

Dave Green, at home in his recording studio
Dave Green
Financial Manager
RailWorks Corporation
New York, NY

At the end of many work days, RailWorks Financial Manager Dave Green sets aside financial stats for his Fender Strat.

At his office at RailWorks’ corporate headquarters in New York City, Dave manages finances for L.K. Comstock & Company and L.K. Comstock National Transit, as well as all of RailWorks’ fixed assets. When he’s off the clock, Dave is often in his Glen Rock, NJ, basement music studio playing and recording songs that he’s created using guitars, synthesized instruments and his voice.

Dave’s been playing guitar since he was 11. Other than “someone showing me my first three chords,” he is self-taught. He started his first band, a rock ‘n’ roll group called Falkenhof, immediately after high school in upstate New York and ended up suspending college to play the club circuit for a few years.

“I started college right out of high school, but the band was actually making pretty good money at the time for 1979-1980,” Dave says. After his band broke up, he moved to Louisiana (where some relatives lived), and played with several bands touring clubs in the South for five years. “I played in Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas … pretty much along the southern coast. We’d play with two or three other bands, every other night, driving in between.” The schedule eventually took a toll. “If you don’t get that ‘big break,’ it just wears on you. You’re on the road 200 nights a year and sleeping in the band’s van.”

Dave returned to college and got a degree in accounting and business management. “I had practical experience in running the finances for previous endeavors,“ he says, “and it felt like a good fit.” He’s putting his degree to good use in his job for RailWorks while continuing to pursue his music at home. “I spend most evenings writing and recording songs on computer software. I actually have some stuff on a website called” (Listen to Dave at


“My performing name is ‘Timer,’” Dave explains. “It’s been my nickname since I was a little kid. It was given to me by my grandfather when I was a baby. My grandfather was bald and losing teeth, and he held me and said, ‘Look. He’s bald and has no teeth. He looks just like me: an old timer.’ It stuck.”

The moniker has stuck, and it still works, but with a different connotation. Timer is keeping good time, able to maintain a certain rhythm with RailWorks and with his music.

Recording Tools
Pro Tools software
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster electric, Takamine folk, Yamaha bass and a Gibson bass M-Audio 49-key MIDI (musician instrument digital interface) controller

Bands Dave Listens To
The Band, David Bowie, Traffic, Hank Williams, Buddy Holly

What Dave Plays
“It runs the gamut. I play bluegrass, country. I play rock and roll. I play jazz. I have very broad taste in music.”

Favorite Bands
The Band, Mott the Hoople, The Who, The Beatles, Little Feat

First Concert
ZZ Top, March 1985, New Orleans, LA

Job-Hobby Correlation
“You need confidence and adaptability for both, because change is always happening, from musical tastes to evolving technology, and you need to be open to those changes and be comfortable that you can adapt.”

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