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PNR RailWorks Upgrades Fort Edmonton Park’s Streetcar System


PNR RailWorks upgraded the streetcar system at the historic Fort Edmonton Park in Alberta, Canada, which reopened this month after a years-long closure for improvements.

In 2019, work began on the Fort Edmonton Park Enhancement Project to improve the expansive park and its historical sites. From fall 2019 to June 2021, PNR RailWorks rehabilitated the aging streetcar system that provides free transportation around the park.

Via its Prairie Track Division, PNR RailWorks overhauled the entire track network consisting of 2 kilometers (about 1.24 miles) of timber tie ballasted track. Work also included:

  • Removing, salvaging, and re-installing the existing 85-pound diamond;
  • Reconnecting the diamond to upgraded 115RE track;
  • Supplying and constructing 9 European #4 power switches complete with switch stands;
  • Supplying and constructing guard rails on the small radii curves;
  • Supplying and constructing at-grade concrete crossing panels, pre-curved on a 37-degree curve;
  • Supplying and constructing at-grade timber crossings.

PNR RailWorks took extra precautions to safely execute the work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the team was presented with a COVID Compliance Recognition by the project’s prime contractor. Additionally, the team logged more than 5,000 manhours and 6,000 subcontractor manhours without a recordable incident.

“It’s an honor to upgrade and help preserve a historical site like Fort Edmonton Park,” said Larry McKay, PNR RailWorks General Manager. “The park is a staple in the Edmonton community, and I’m proud of the team for performing work safely and efficiently.”

Situated on 158 acres of woodland along the North Saskatchewan River, Fort Edmonton Park is the largest living history museum in Canada. Its 250,000 annual visitors enjoy the park’s historical attractions, including the 1846 Hudson’s Bay Fort, streets preserved from the 1800s and 1900s, and more. 

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