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RailWorks Transit, in Joint Venture with Halmar International, Awarded Penn Station Access Project


RailWorks Transit LLC, in a joint venture with Halmar International, has been awarded the Penn Station Access project, which will expand Metro-North Railroad service to Penn Station on Manhattan’s West Side.

Working in a design-build partnership with Halmar International, RailWorks Corporation’s New York-based transit division, RailWorks Transit LLC, will construct new track and systems to connect Penn Station to Metro-North’s New Haven rail line via the existing Amtrak Hell Gate Line.

The project scope includes designing and constructing additional passenger tracks; traction power substations; overhead contact systems; new interlockings; updated communication systems; and new signal systems within Amtrak’s right of way. The contract also includes the construction of four new ADA-accessible Metro-North stations in the East Bronx, which will bring increased regional accessibility to the eastern Bronx communities.

The Penn Station Access project aims to present a new service option for customers and drastically reduce commute times to the Bronx, Westchester, and Connecticut. The upgrades will not only improve reliability and accessibility for Metro-North customers, but will enhance the network’s resiliency, support faster recovery efforts, and facilitate Metro-North’s ability to maintain adequate service when faced with unexpected disruptions.

The Penn Station Access project is the largest Metro-North Railroad expansion in history and is anticipated to be completed in 2027.

“The Penn Station Access project will expand service options and accessibility for hundreds of thousands of Metro-North commuters,” said Kevin Riddett, RailWorks President and CEO. “RailWorks is proud to partner with Halmar International on this crucial project, and we look forward to seeing it fully completed.”

Run by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), the Metro-North Railroad serves customers throughout New York and Connecticut via its five commuter rail lines.