Transit Construction & Rehabilitation

Planning, constructing and reinvigorating today’s vital transit systems.
Transit Construction & Rehabilitation
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For safe and reliable transit systems, trust North America’s leading rail contractor

From New York to Manitoba and everywhere in between, millions of people across North America use transit rail to get where they need to go every day. Commuter and light rail both play an integral role in modern-day life, so it’s critical that they’re functioning reliably and, above all else, safely. RailWorks is your comprehensive resource for all of your transit track- and guideway-related projects.

Whether it’s a bustling subway network or commuter rail, RailWorks and its subsidiaries provide the resources, expertise and commitment to quality necessary to build safe and reliable transit systems. Trust RailWorks for:


  • New track construction
  • Track construction equipment and materials
  • Rehabilitation
  • Inspection, emergency repairs and derailment response
  • Mechanized rail, surfacing and tie production
  • Panelized turnout and crossover construction and installation
Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project
Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project
Los Angeles, Calif.
Tucson Streetcar Project
Tucson Streetcar Project
Tucson, Arizona

Transit Construction & Rehabilitation Projects

SEPTA Fern Rock Yard Renewal

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PA/CIS Canarsie

New York, New York

Expo Line Power Rail Installation

Vancouver, British Columbia

Our Transit Construction Leadership

John Young
John Young
President, Track and Transit Construction
Ben D'Alessandro
Ben D'Alessandro
President, L.K. Comstock & Company, Inc. New York Division President, RailWorks Transit, Inc.
John Brohm
John Brohm
Executive Vice President, PNR RailWorks


Our transit team doesn’t compromise when it comes to system safety. In everything we do, the wellbeing of contractors, subcontractors and passengers is paramount.

of work for dozens of transit agencies and authorities throughout North America


Transit systems are the arteries of major cities. The day-to-day schedules of millions of people rely on their smooth operation. Here at RailWorks, we understand the critical role these systems play, which is why our teams devote themselves to efficient and high-quality project execution.


Working on transit systems can often demand your team works in complex, hard-to-navigate areas, including dense metro areas. Having a crew of RailWorks personnel on-hand, who have the experience to navigate these complex design and construction challenges, makes it easier to work safely and efficiently.