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Off the Clock

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"Off the Clock" is a series of articles about RailWorks employees and the hobbies and interests we pursue outside of work.

It's not about the recogntion; it's about the reward of helping someone else. That’s the perspective of RailWorks Recruiter Cynthia Perez who works in the Deer Park, TX, office.
When the Great Recession took hold in 2008, it prompted Beth Kellum to find a new and meaningful endeavor that would connect her to her community. She ended up as a member of the Board of Education in her hometown of Clayton, NJ.
Some people leave work and look for escapes unrelated to their jobs. PNR RailWorks’ Doug Wodhams is not one of those people. When the signal maintainer isn’t keeping customers’ trains running, he is maintaining his own extensive model railroad.   
RailWorks' J.P. Onhiser is an accomplished angler who, when he's not working on bridges, is often found fishing. As the owner-operator of Hookin-Em Up Fishin guide service, J.P. helps his clients haul in crappie and other fresh-water fish from lakes in southern Illinois.
In the case of PNR RailWorks Assistant Project Manager Graeme Lue Qui, patience and persistence are paying off as he works to advance as an amateur triathlete.
“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We need to live life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. Bad things happen to everybody. We have to pick ourselves up and move forward.”

For a group of PNR RailWorks employees who apparently do not get enough time in the cold during their winter work months, the ice beckons.

At the end of many work days, RailWorks Financial Manager Dave Green sets aside financial stats for a Fender Strat and other instruments, as well as recording hardware and software, to create and record music in his basement.
Longtime construction pro R.T. Swindall has taken his passion for and expertise with “infrastructure” to a new level outside of RailWorks. Find out how R.T. and a network of associates in multiple countries are helping in underdeveloped and/or disaster-stricken areas of the world.