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Our History

Get to know the brands that make RailWorks great and learn more about their histories.

Our Company Roots

RailWorks Corporation may have been founded in 1998, but as the union of several accomplished corporations, our story starts far before that. Each RailWorks brand provides its own unique success story, something that we believe is fundamental to our company culture. That’s why we always make sure to remember our roots.

PNR RailWorks

PNR RailWorks got its start more than 50 years ago in British Columbia, when area businessman George Braun, Sr. founded G. Brown Contracting Co., in Abbotsford, BC, in 1961. Several years later, he renamed the thriving enterprise to Pacific Northern Rail Contractors (PNR).

Under the leadership of George Braun and his three sons, Henry, George Jr. and Erwin, the company earned a reputation for quality workmanship and materials, safe and innovative operating practices, and exemplary customer service.

During the 1980s, PNR expanded its operations eastward to other provinces and completed its first major venture in Eastern Canada: construction of a new rail yard facility for VIA Rail. In the two decades that followed, the company expanded throughout the Eastern provinces.

PNR became part of RailWorks' track construction network in 1999. In 2008, the company expanded into Quebec with the acquisition of Quebec's largest railway contractor, E.V.F. Coyle Inc., now known as PNR RailWorks Quebec Inc.

Today PNR RailWorks carries on the legacy of excellent railway construction and maintenance services established during the Braun family era. PNR RailWorks is Canada's leading full-service railroad contractor, with offices, shops and yards in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

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Tucson Streetcar Project
Tucson Streetcar Project
Tucson, Arizona

L.K. Comstock

L.K. Comstock was founded in 1904 by Louis K. Comstock, a businessman in New York City. In just a few decades, the thriving enterprise became a premier provider of electrical construction services in the Northeast United States.

Through its involvement in several major innovative projects — including the Empire State Building, the Chase Manhattan Bank Building, the Oak Ridge Atomic Projects and the New York City Transit Authority — L.K. Comstock grew to be one of the most accomplished electrical contractors in the United States.

As the company continued to grow, L.K. Comstock expanded its revenue and geographic base and developed expertise in commercial, nuclear, industrial and transit markets. In 1941 L.K. Comstock & Company became a corporation and focused its efforts on transit. In the decades that followed, L.K. Comstock provided electrical contracting services for nearly every major transit authority in the United States.

In 1998, L.K. Comstock, along with 13 other rail construction companies, formed RailWorks Corporation. Today L.K. Comstock is one of the oldest and most respected electrical construction companies in the country.

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Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project
Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project
Los Angeles, Calif.