The partner of choice for better track systems.

Modern organizations need a track partner that’s committed to their success – and understands how rail makes that success possible.

Here at RailWorks, we recognize the critical role track plays in business success and have been building strong partnerships with rail operations, transit authorities, and businesses across North America for more than a century. Our team is there, on the ground, when it’s most important: the turning points, the moments of opportunity, and the emergencies. Our holistic suite of services, plus support from an expansive network of track experts, make RailWorks North America’s most capable rail authority – and your partner of choice.

Why Choose RailWorks

RailWorks is the union of several leading track authorities, including L.K. Comstock, Pacific Northern Rail Contractors (now PNR RailWorks), and NARSTCO. Collectively, our team boasts more than a century of industry experience, over which it has earned a reputation for high-quality work and service.



Today, we partner with businesses and organizations across the U.S. and Canada in practically all sectors, including Class I rail, commercial/industrial, short line, last mile, and transit. We provide end-to-end services in new track construction, progressive maintenance, systems architecture, and much more. That means everything, from an emergency tie repair to a full system overhaul, is within the RailWorks wheelhouse. 
The way we see it, business leaders should be busy worrying about their business, and not whether their track partner can deliver.

A Partner for Your Progress

It’s no secret that the rail industry is changing more quickly than ever before, propelled by new technology, increased demand, and international competition. We’re committed to growing rail operations into stronger, more productive versions of themselves. That’s why we bring the very best in service, technology, and engineering to the table, and help businesses like yours prepare for an exciting future. With RailWorks as your partner, you have an expert by your side with more than a century’s experience setting the pace of the industry and an ambition to see your business thrive. 



Your Track Authority

We take pride in our range of services and the reputation we’ve built for ourselves across North America. Trust Railworks for: