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Carmeuse Aggregate

Project Highlights

  • VERSATILE: Steel-ties can be used in a variety of applications and can be customized to meet customer needs.
  • EXTENDED SERVICE LIFE: Based on installed steel ties in service today, steel ties can have a service life of more than 50 years, reducing track maintenance requirements relative to alternative product.
  • LESS EXPENSIVE: Steel ties are less expensive to handle and transport, last longer and require less ballast, which reduces overall costs.
  • QUICK INSTALL: Steel ties easier and faster to install than alternative products.
Gulliver, Michigan
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The operations team overseeing this remote aggregate facility in northern Michigan was focused on building their new track with only top-performing products to lessen the frequency of costly maintenance and repairs. Also of great importance were the sustainable qualities of NARSTCO steel ties which are manufactured with recycled materials at our Midlothian, Texas facility.

For over 160 years, Carmeuse has successfully built its business on trust and integrity. Collaborating with NARSTCO’s team and selecting engineered steel ties has allowed for a much faster and easier installation of almost 4,500 M8 steel ties at this northern climate facility.
Carmeuse’s project manager, Zack Weber, commented “In the past we’ve always used timber ties which eventually rot due to the often wet, muddy conditions in our limestone quarry. The new NARSTCO steel ties we installed allow for better longevity and reduced maintenance in these harsh conditions.”

Queen City Railroad Construction Company of Knoxville, TN completed the construction of this new track work on time and under budget. Their Vice President, Jim Distin, added “Constructing track with NARSTCO steel ties requires less equipment and manpower than traditional wood tie track.
More so, the simplicity of steel tie track construction has allowed us to restructure our crews, increase capacity and perform projects more efficiently.”