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Port Bienville Railroad

Project Highlights

  • NARSTCO supplied its steel ties and turnouts to the Port Bienville Railroad outside of New Orleans
  • NARSTCO steel withstands the harsh climate of the Gulf of Mexico, providing the railroad with reliable operations
Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission
Hancock County, Miss.
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NARSTCO supplied its steel ties and turnouts to the Port Bienville Railroad, a Class III railroad about 40 miles east of New Orleans. The railroad services the Port Bienville Industrial Park and moves over 15,000 rail cars carrying 500,000 tons of materials for the Park’s industries.

The Port Bienville Railroad first made the switch to NARSTCO steel ties and turnouts over 15 years ago, needing to upgrade the track to withstand the wet coastal climate of the Gulf of Mexico. Steel products from NARSTCO, which provide maximum support and a higher resistance to damage, corrosion, and deterioration, were the perfect option.

“Port Bienville Railroad operates in a climate that’s harsh on wood ties, so utilizing steel results in a longer lifespan,” said Railroad Manager Shane LaFontaine.

In the past three years, NARSTCO provided steel ties for three new tracks, and seven turnouts were changed from wood to steel in 2020.