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Scotland County, N.C., Yard

Project Highlights

  • 2,800 NARSTCO Steel Ties
  • 4 Steel Turnouts
Scotland County, N.C.
Scotland County, N.C.
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Scotland County, N.C., located in the south-central part of the state, is of strategic importance for the economic development of the area. Conveniently located two hours from the Port of Wilmington, it’s at a transportation crossroads for the region. Seeing this potential, the County’s Economic Development department spearheaded the creation of two rail-served industrial parks to help drive even more prosperity to the region.

The first – the Laurinburg Industrial Park – is a 85-acre site located along I-15 in Scotland County. The new lead rail track into the facility was initially conceived with wood ties. However, Mark Ward, Director of Economic Development for the county, and other city officials quickly saw the benefits of switching to steel, swayed by the significant reduction in maintenance and replacement costs, as well as the reduced environmental impact of using recycled steel materials.

In the end, NARSTCO was brought on to supply the steel ties and turnouts. The project, which was completed in 2019, covered over a mile of track and consisted of 2,800 NARSTCO Steel Ties and 4 Steel Turnouts, consisting of both insulated and non-insulated material.