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Sound Transit South 200th Street Link Extension

Project Highlights

  • Worked as a design-build subcontractor on a major extension of the Sound Transit Link’s light rail to a new station in SeaTac, Wash.
  • Provided transit systems such as, signals, communications and OCS and traction power services during the years-long project
  • Provided fiber connectivity for the project to central control that included miles of fiber optic cable installation
Central Puget Sound Transit Authority
SeaTac, Wash.
Provided By

The South 200th Street Link Extension was a design-build project that extended the Sound Transit Link light rail system to a new station south of Sea-Tac International Airport in the city of SeaTac, Wash. The extension runs south from the airport along 28th Ave South to South 200th Street and consists of 1.6 miles of elevated double track guideway. In addition to the new station, the project included a pocket track south of the SeaTac/Airport Station, a diamond crossover north of the South 200th Street Station, a traction power substation and the overhead catenary system (OCS).

As the subcontractor, L.K. Comstock National Transit, Inc. (LKCNT) completed a variety of work, including designing, furnishing, assembling and installing:
- 3.2 track miles of simple catenary auto-tensioned (SCAT) OCS system
- One traction power substation
- A train control / signal system
- A complete supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system
- The backbone fiber optic cabling system
- The complete station communication subsystems

The new station, which opened in 2016, provided an extension of the Sound Transit Link Light Rail System from the SeaTac Airport to the new Angle Lake Station and created significant opportunities for SeaTac., Wash. The extension enhanced connectivity to the region, improved mobility within the city and, most importantly, encouraged new development in the area adjacent to the station (referred to as the Angle Lake District). The extension also provided a connection point for the further Link Light Rail Extension to Federal Way further south.

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