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Featured Project
New Orleans’ N. Rampart Streetcar Line

RailWorks Track Systems constructed New Orleans’ new streetcar line, extending along the northern perimeter of the French Quarter. Crews constructed the new 1.6-mile, double-track French Quarter line, including placing the related concrete work to embed the track in the street. Among the major milestones was the construction of a half grand union.

All Projects

Seattle and Tukwila, Washington

Tukwila Extension/Boeing Access Road

RailWorks constructed the direct-fixation track on the aerial guideway and performed related services on a light rail extension for Sound Transit.

Utica, Illinois

Unimin Sand Plant Rail Yard

RailWorks constructed 6,800 feet of new track, nine turnouts and two crossovers at Unimin's silica sand mine in Utica, Ill.

Livonia, Louisiana

Union Pacific Livonia Yard Extension

RailWorks expanded storage capacity at Union Pacific 's Livonia Yard in Louisiana.

Pontiac, Illinois

Union Pacific Railroad High-Speed Rail

RailWorks' upgrades helped enable the advent of high-speed rail travel on an important segment of Amtrak's Chicago-to-St. Louis route.

Toronto, Ontario

Union Pearson Express

PNR RailWorks built a portion of the Union Pearson Express near the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Toronto, Ontario

Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) Signalling Project

Union Station in Toronto is the largest and busiest rail

Conrad, Montana

United Grain Corporation Loadout Facility

RailWorks constructed the rail infrastructure to support a new United Grain elevator in Montana.

St. Louis, Missouri

University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) Interlocking

RailWorks Track Services installed all track components for a new signalized crossover interlocking on the double main track of the St. Louis MetroLink light rail system.

Engle, Texas

UP Glidden Subdivision Siding Extension

RailWorks Track Systems constructed a new siding extension for Union Pacific Railroad west of Houston, Texas.

Janesville, Minnesota

VeraSun Janesville Ethanol Biorefinery

RailWorks constructed the track infrastructure at VeraSun’s new ethanol biorefinery in Janesville, Minn., one of the largest in the United States.

Jay, Maine

Verso Paper Maintenance Program

A key capability is providing dedicated crews year-round for ongoing inspections and preventive maintenance.

Andrews, Texas

Waste Control Specialists

RailWorks constructed the track infrastructure for a new Waste Control Specialists facility in West Texas.