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Off-Duty Employees Keep Streetcar Moving

Lucky thing for the Edmonton (Alberta) Radial Railway Society that when a streetcar ran through a switch, PNR RailWorks' Gary Fahl, left, and George Dwernychuk, were ready and willing to help. Although off work for the weekend, Gary and George brought their expertise to bear so the High Level Bridge Line could reopen that day with minimal delay.

The actions of a pair of off-duty PNR RailWorks employees to reopen a streetcar line helped the public enjoy their appointed ride and earned the gratitude of the group that operates the streetcar.

One early August weekend, an Edmonton (Alberta) Radial Railway Society (ERRS) streetcar ran through a closed switch, shutting down a line. The ERRS contacted PNR RailWorks Assistant Superintendent Gary Fahl, who, although off work for a long weekend, immediately began arranging the needed repairs. At the same time, George Dwernychuk, a PNR RailWorks foreman, happened to arrive with his family to ride the streetcars. Recognizing the problem, George obtained the appropriate gear and promptly corrected the issue.

“His unselfish, friendly attitude and extensive expertise saved us from a substantial financial loss and prevented the disappointment of large numbers of the public,” said ERRS Infrastructure Director Gordon Swityk. He praised PNR RailWorks as an “outstanding partner to the Edmonton Radial Railway Society.” As a result of George’s and Gary’s actions, the ERRS has awarded PNR RailWorks employees and family members accompanying them free passage on the High Level Bridge Line through October 2014.

The ERRS operates historic streetcars in Edmonton, including the line across the High Level Bridge spanning the North Saskatchewan River.