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Introducing a Hero of the Highway

Bill Rozevink Operator, RailWorks Track Systems

June 18, 2010. It was just like the start of any other work day. Operator Bill Rozevink with RailWorks Track Systems' Fremont, Neb., office was seated in the front passenger seat on the way to the job site. All of a sudden he heard a gurgling noise. He turned and realized his foreman, who was driving the vehicle, was having a seizure.

Bill's instincts to stop the vehicle kicked into action but the driver's foot was pressed firmly on the gas pedal. The vehicle was accelerating and traveling toward the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.

Bill managed to get the driver's foot off the gas pedal and gain control of the steering wheel to guide the vehicle safely to the side of the road. He alerted a co-worker in a nearby vehicle who immediately called 9-1-1. Meanwhile, Bill tended to his foreman, who had come out of the seizure but was disoriented. Emergency personnel soon arrived and treated the foreman, who is now back on the job.

During a time when most people would have panicked, Bill responded quickly and in a controlled manner. Thanks to his actions, he saved the lives of the driver, himself and possibly those in other vehicles on the highway.

We salute Bill Rozevink for his heroic actions. He truly is a hero of the highway.