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RailWorks Tax Executive Honored for Volunteer Work

“…if you give kids a good foundation, they will be a positive influence in their community for years to come.” Gene Cellini, Senior Vice President of Tax

Anyone who has met Gene Cellini knows he is a passionate man. Ask the RailWorks senior vice president of tax a tax question and he will unabashedly convey his enthusiasm and keen knowledge for all things related to tax.

But after you get to know Gene, you soon learn his passion extends to another area: youth sports. Gene has been a fixture in youth sports in Southern Connecticut for the past three decades. Over the years he has worn many volunteer hats, serving as a coach and assistant coach, field maintenance director, concession stand manager, board member and all of the board officer positions.

Gene has worked for the past 15 years in Pop Warner football, but also has served as an assistant high school and AAU basketball coach and been involved in Little League baseball and served on his local parks commission.

He has firsthand knowledge about the difference sports can mean to young boys and girls, to those who are gifted in athletics and those who are not.

“Teamwork is really the key to success. My goal is to involve every child and make them feel good about themselves and understand they are a vital link in the team chain,” said Gene. “I tell the kids, ‘the power to succeed comes from within.’ I just try to show them the way to make that happen. All they need is someone to believe in them and give them a little guidance and support along the way.”

Gene affirmed the reward of volunteering isn’t measured by points or runs his teams put up on the scoreboard. “My enjoyment comes from persuading these kids that they each have the talent and courage to be successful in whatever they may choose to pursue,” said Gene. “I believe if you give kids a good foundation, they will be a positive influence in their community for years to come.”

Gene’s extensive volunteer contributions were recognized when he was named the 2008 Volunteer of the Year by Southern Connecticut Pop Warner and then by New England Regional Pop Warner.  He was among six Pop Warner volunteer stars from across the country who were recognized as National Volunteers of the Year.

Gene doesn’t volunteer his time for the recognition. In fact, he’s somewhat annoyed about all the fuss over him. What matters most to Gene are all those kids, including his own, who have benefited in so many ways from the lifelong lessons of being on a sports team.

Congratulations to Gene, a RailWorks standout in the office and on the field of life. We’re proud of the difference you and many others make by volunteering your time to help today’s young boys and girls.