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SunRail Shines During Milestone Weekend Outage

Fifty-four hours. Two joint venture partners. Five subcontractors. More than 125 workers spread out over four project sites spanning 30 miles. About $2 million of work. Throw in some alligators trolling underneath the railroad bridge and a throng of mosquitoes that descended at sunset.  That was the scene of the weekend outage September 30 through October 2 on SunRail, a 62-mile design-build commuter rail project under way in the Greater Orlando area. 

Working with joint venture partner Archer Western, RailWorks Track Systems SunRail project team is maintaining an existing 62-mile corridor formerly owned by CSX while designing and building a 32-mile initial operating segment for commuter rail service. The weekend outage brought together RailWorks Track Systems maintenance, construction, bridge and production crews, as well as crews from RailWorks Signals & Communications and RailWorks Maintenance of Way.
The team worked in concert to successfully complete work without any safety incidents and in time for the 3 a.m. deadline on Monday, despite a downpour hours before train operations resumed. Here’s a recap of the completed work:
  • Reconstructed three grade crossings in Maitland and installed new signal technology
  • Changed out the rail along 1.3 miles of track in Winter Park
  • Constructed a 2600-foot yard track in Orlando
  • Repaired the structural steel components on the bascule lift bridge over the Monroe River, reconstructed 280 feet of bridge deck, and installed new Ridex rail joints
  • Installed a #20 turnout on the main line track south of the bridge.
Under the direction of SunRail Project Manager Ed Fenn, RailWorks is maintaining the track and signals on the existing 62 miles of track to current main line conditions. Crews also are building about 19 miles of new track, including 46 turnouts, and installing 42 new grade crossings along with a new signals & communications system. RailWorks also will construct a new yard and maintenance facility to house the train sets and dispatch operations.