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Bridges & Structures

Comprehensive care to keep your bridges in top condition.
Bridges & Structures
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Ensuring their structural integrity is essential if you’re going to guarantee safe and efficient transit for all goods, passengers and equipment on your railways. That’s why rail owners and managers all over North America partner with RailWorks for comprehensive bridge and structure care. Our national bridge division has multiple veteran crews that are experienced with Class 1, regional and short line railroads. Whether it’s timber or steel, they’re ready to go to work.

We’re North America’s most trusted track contractor, so you can bet we know a thing or two about bridges. When you partner with RailWorks, you partner with an experienced team of rail experts who understand both the needs of your rail system and the federal regulations that surround bridge construction. Trust RailWorks for:


  • Timber bridge construction, as well as historic preservation and material conversions.
  • Comprehensive steel bridge services, including construction of steel superstructures and ballasted deck conversions.
  • Concrete bridge services, including cast-in-place and pre-cast construction methods.
New England Central Railroad Bridge
New England Central Railroad Bridge
St. Albans, Vermont

Bridges can take a serious beating, so proper bridge upkeep is just as important as quality construction. That’s why RailWorks offers a range of maintenance services for your bridge. When it comes to maintaining bridge integrity, performance and efficiency, we provide a range of services, including:


  • Regularly scheduled inspections, administered at least annually, ensure your bridge is safe for use. For every inspection, we provide detailed reports, so the right information makes it into the right hands.
  • Rehabilitation & Capacity Enhancements to help your bridge adapt to rising traffic levels and faster speeds of travel.
  • Emergency services to meet the urgent needs of our clients, 24/7.
  • Professional demolition services to allow for safe, measured destruction of dated or no longer feasible bridge infrastructure.
South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad
South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad
Northeast Oklahoma

Bridges & Structures Projects

Our Bridge & Structures Leadership

Richard Carney
Richard Carney
Executive Vice President, Track Construction Services


Bridges are a critical point in any rail system and demand special care when it comes to safety and integrity. Here at RailWorks, we take safety seriously. If a bridge isn’t safe, then our work isn’t done.


We understand the critical role bridges play in your rail system and the pressing need to have them up and functional as quickly as possible. Our teams strike a balance between quality work and quick turnover, ensuring projects get completed on time, every time.


We’ve been building and repairing rail infrastructure for more than 50 years. When clients partner with us, they can be confident that the work they’re getting is time-tested and backed by a history of success.