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Flash-Butt Welding

State-of-the-art mobile welding services – engineered to deliver.
flash-butt welding
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Flash-Butt Welding for the Modern Track Enterprise


Flash-butt welding has become a premier welding method for rail operations, due to the clean, consistent welds it produces. But the quality of your weld will always depend on the skills and experience of your technicians. So, partner with the very best.


As North America’s leading rail service provider, RailWorks is the flash welding partner of choice for track operations in the US and Canada. Our service offering is tailored to the needs of today’s track operations, offering the mobility, agility, and dependability necessary to make optimal performance possible.

Part of the Maintenance of Way Suite


A healthy track system is the sum of many parts, and even a small issue can become a systemic detractor, cutting into costs, efficiency, and service delivery. To ensure optimal operations, track owners need a comprehensive maintenance package. That’s why we include our flash welding services as part of the Maintenance of Way (MOW) suite: an end-to-end portfolio of track maintenance and upkeep services.


Learn more about MOW with RailWorks.

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Our Flash-Butt Welding Offering


At the heart of our flash welding service is a fleet of 250-ton AC mobile welder units, each equipped with a unique narrow-head welder that performs in even the most difficult scenarios. These units are designed for functionality and flexibility, offering class-leading weld quality and consistency in a package that can quickly make the trip from point A to B.


Built into each of these units is an array of quality assurance features that help maintain high standards of function, day-in and day-out. This includes autonomous rail butt preparation, as well as spot polishing for fixed-plant applications.


This is all powered by a purpose-built control system that offers a bird’s-eye view of equipment functionality and provides in-depth insights into weld data and analytics. Pair this with predictive forging force and weld variance tracking, and you have truly the most comprehensive mobile flash-butt welding offering on the market today.


We never cut corners when it comes to the safety of the personnel on the track – whether that’s our team, or yours. Our welding services are administered with safety and compliance as a top priority. It’s just how we do things.


Our mobile welding units are designed for rapid travel and versatility, offering superior performance in tight confines.


We serve track operations across North America – and so does our welding fleet. From Manitoba to Miami, the RailWorks team is standing by.
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