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Equipped with SolidTrack by Andian, RailWorks makes it easier than ever to take action against track geometry issues.
Geometry Services
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When it comes to protecting track performance, it pays to be proactive. Our Track Geometry Testing services give rail owners the chance to accurately pinpoint track geometry issues, allowing them to get ahead of the curve and eliminate issues before they result in delays or disruptions.  Our testing is powered by SolidTrack from Andian Technologies, an industry-leading software suite made especially for testing track geometry.

Part of the Maintenance of Way Suite

RailWorks Track Geometry services play an important part in maintaining a healthy track system, which is why they are included in our Maintenance of Way (MOW) service program. For industrial and transit operations that require progressive maintenance and upkeep, the RailWorks MOW team empowers them by providing an end-to-end suite of track repair and upkeep services.

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For every piece of rail we test, SolidTrack measures 40 separate geometry data points, including gauge, horizontal and vertical alignment, twist, warp and more. These pieces of data come together in real-time to accurately pinpoint track issues.


These turnkey services offer a robust range of benefits, including:


  • Real-time data collection instantly provides the information rail owners need to effectively correct defects.
  • Portable hi-rail vehicles allow for efficient entry and exit from rail systems, as well as testing from both directions.
  • Mechanical gauge contact allows us to test track in adverse weather conditions, and even in the presence of debris or excessive vegetation.
  • Powerful reporting tools let you quickly pinpoint important locations on your track. Reports can be easily exported to popular formats, including PDF, KLM and CSV.
  • Archival features can be used to evaluate track degradation, as well as wide gauge, surface and alignment defects.
Geometry Services > Modules
BNSF Track Geometry
Red Oak, Iowa

Our Geometry Services Leadership

R.T. Swindall
R.T. Swindall
Vice President, Railworks Maintenance of Way


The care that goes into our rail testing services is just one part of the RailWorks commitment to safety. When it comes to protecting the wellbeing of contractors, crews and passengers, we never cut corners.


Better tools get better results, which is why we equip all of our crews with the best technology in the industry. Equipped with innovative software and tools, RailWorks provides the resources to get jobs done on time and on budget.


With a software like SolidTrack, things like track quality can be measured and quickly exported to reports, allowing a deep look into track longevity and informing future repairs and maintenance.