Logic Processors

HSQ’s industry-leading technology is creating more capable SCADA systems across North America.
Logic Processors
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We’re creating better SCADA systems with the industry’s best technology

Developed by HSQ Technology, the Model 25x86 Logic Processor Stack is an x86-based data acquisition and control computer intended for a wide range of telemetry, SCADA, distributed automation and facilities management applications. A comprehensive processing solution, it is provided with HSQ-developed software which supports report-by-exception, real-time clock synchronized to the master system clock, local time-stamped Sequence of Events (SOE), local alarm detection and engineering units conversion, and user-definable computations and control logic.

HSQ Leadership

Chris Maynard
Chris Maynard
Senior Vice President, HSQ Technology


Technology is an investment, so make sure you're making the best one you can. Over nearly 40 years, HSQ has earned a reputation as a leader in systems technology, with a commitment to safe systems operations every day.


Modern day systems rely on modern-day technology. HSQ’s logic processors are just one example of how the company is equipping modern infrastructure with effective, flexible tech systems.


Our logic processors are compatible across a range of systems, making them a viable solution for most industrial systems.