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Introducing AIVR


Automated Intelligent Video Review (AIVR) is a multi-award-winning system that provides digital inspections, which enables users from many rail disciplines to monitor tracks remotely and safely.  The AIVR Platform hosts data collected by AIVR devices and gives users access to a suite of digital tools which allow users to locate, measure, annotate, and analyze images and video while also carrying out planning and reporting activities.  These photos, video, notes, and reports can easily be shared with your team or other stakeholders.  This cloud-based up-to-date video reduces the need to be onsite and on the tracks.  

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Instantly Accessible & Secure Video Data


The phone sized portable AIVR Go device is lightweight and can be mounted on a wide range of vehicles.  The device comes with an easy to install and remove mounting system, which makes this a versatile option for multiple fleet vehicles or locations.  The AIVR Go device provides reliable monitoring on any given day to record the tracks you need and automatically transmit the data to the AIVR Platform.  


AIVR Capabilities


For each hour that an AIVR user spends on the Platform, it's estimated they save an eight-hour site visit, including travel and planning, while reducing fuel costs and potential safety issues from being on tracks.  AIVR has multiple capabilities in addition to capturing Forward Facing Video data: 


  • AIVR Machine Learning - With a high volume of rich, consistent, and accessible video data captured by AIVR, integrated Machine Learning automatically finds what you need to see the most.  
  • AIVR Thermal - Can detect electrical faults from the rail environment, and alerts users to locations exceeding a safe temperature, so that they can be safely attended to and repaired before failure.  
  • AIVR OCS - Monitors the status and condition of the Overhead Catenary Systems such as arcing, tensioners status, and corona discharge events.  


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