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RailWorks Insight

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Introducing RailWorks Insight


RailWorks Insight Digital Inspection and Management Solution is the only web-based tool on the market that provides a full view of track inspection reports with instant automated budgets, prior repair work costs and dates, marked map GPS locations, pictures, preventative maintenance and inspection schedule management, documented track assets, and a single storage point for all reports. Developed in-house by the RailWorks team, it's the only offering of its kind built specifically to the needs of the track, rail, and transit industry.

Empowered by Technology


Insight offers a single, web-based suite to streamline how track managers and maintenance crews operate. From a single site to hundreds of properties, RailWorks Insight allows transportation managers to log in and see all of their maintenance and inspection information in one place, which allows for informed decision making in all phases of track maintenance.


With RailWorks Insight in their arsenal, track operations can unlock a range of new benefits and capabilities, including:

  • Instant Repair Budget Estimates
  • Corrective Actions — To-Do and Previous Repairs
  • GPS Mapped Locations
  • FRA and Transport Canada Codes and Regulations
  • Asset Inventory
  • Customize Reports
  • And much more…
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Transportation managers need to access track inspection and condition reports at any time, whether they’re in the office or on their phones. Simply put, you want to know about track issues before they become disasters and you want to be able to have a full view of your network and potential pain points in the supply chain wherever you are. That’s a lot easier said than done.

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RailWorks Insight