SCADA & Data Communications Systems

Our turnkey systems provide powerful and flexible solutions for resource control applications.
SCADA & Data Communications Systems
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With HSQ, we’re leading the pack in smarter systems infrastructure.

HSQ Technology, a RailWorks company, has been on the forefront of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for nearly 40 years. They are among the leading experts in the field, designing, building and integrating turnkey systems for publicly owned and operated utilities and facilities, with applications in water systems, electric power systems, transportation systems and more. With HSQ’s expertise, RailWorks is able to implement the tech solutions today’s public systems need and continue providing the comprehensive service we’re known for.

HSQ Leadership

Chris Maynard
Chris Maynard
Senior Vice President, HSQ Technology


You can't put a price on trust, especially when you're investing in technology. With HSQ and RailWorks, you have world-renown companies on your side, each bringing with them a long career of tech safety excellence. If that’s not a recipe for peace of mind, we don't know what is.


A capable SCADA system is at the heart of optimal operations, whether it’s for public transit, wastewater management or power systems. When you partner with RailWorks, you’re partnering with the experts at HSQ Technology and nearly four decades of experience building smarter systems.


Because of their wide range of applications — as well as HSQ’s experience with integrations — our SCADA systems can be adapted to a variety of systems, making them a wise investment across many industries.