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Steel Rail Ties & Turnouts

Cost-cutting hardware that’s built to last and sustainable to boot.
Steel Rail Ties & Turnouts
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Failing wood ties and turnout sets can quickly disable track, and the repairs cost time, effort, and money to administer. NARSTCO steel ties are an economical alternative to wood ties that offer greater reliability, a longer life-span, and a smaller environmental footprint. What’s more, they cost less to install, use less material, and require less maintenance in the long-run, making them a no-brainer for better operations.

Part of the Maintenance of Way Suite

Our steel ties live up to our high standards for reliability, durability, and quality. That’s why we’re proud to offer them as part of our Maintenance of Way (MOW) service suite. A class-leading track upkeep program, MOW with RailWorks is an ideal choice for industrial and transit operations that want to ensure faultless function day in and day out.

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Constructed from high-quality steel, NARSTCO steel ties and turnouts are the most cost-effective option for track, turnout, and yard applications, suited for all Class 1, short line, and industrial rail operations. Other benefits include:

  • Simpler and quicker to assemble and install than wood ties
  • Maintain track gauge and provide ease of transposing throughout curves
  • Can be interspersed with wood ties to strengthen track structure
  • Design allows for ballast depth to achieve same load-bearing capabilities
  • Less expensive to transport and easier to handle
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Extend the life of frogs, points and other track components
  • Fewer ties required for any length of track
  • Maximum strength, durability and support
  • Resistant to damage, corrosion and deterioration
  • Environmentally friendly and 100 percent recyclable

Any single steel tie can function properly for 50 years before needing repairs, compared to just 12-15 years for a wood equivalent. Spent steel ties can then be recycled as scrap or repaired with minor welding and returned to service. This makes them more cost-effective and sustainable than any other option on the market today.

TRANSFLO Terminal / Port Tampa Bay
TRANSFLO Terminal / Port Tampa Bay
Tampa, Fla.

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Our Steel Tie & Turnout Leadership

Bruce Jones
General Manager, NARSTCO
Matt Violin
Vice President of Sales
Kristin Ward
Director of Customer Service
Steve Smith
Director, Process Improvement and Capital Projects


Creating better track systems means creating safer track systems. Just as we do with our steel ties, we equip track and transit operations with the very best technology and infrastructure, so they can operate smoothly, confidently, and without any risk to their passengers or personnel.


We know how important cost is in the rail operations equation. NARSTCO steel ties offer quality not found elsewhere in the industry and are helping rail operators save money while still ensuring safe, reliable operations.


As a company, RailWorks makes a point to look closely at our impact on the world around us. NARSTCO products are recyclable, re-usable, and built to last where wood alternatives wouldn’t, making them a wise choice for companies looking to shrink their environmental impact.
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