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Systems, Signals & Communications

Installing and constructing the complex systems that drive today’s essential transit systems.
Systems, Signals & Communications
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L.K. Comstock provides comprehensive systems, signal and communications systems services throughout North America. With projects across all types of transit rail systems, as well as experience with the latest rail system technology, we deliver a breadth of knowledge unmatched in the industry.

We’re North America’s transit and track construction leader and have a long history installing, testing and maintaining systems infrastructure. Our specialists are the best in the industry, delivering world-class work. We specialize in:


  • Transit Signaling – With experience working in active train environments, L.K. Comstock provides comprehensive signal installation and maintenance services for new and existing transit and commuter rail operations.


  • Communications Systems – L.K. Comstock will install and test communications systems for wayside train control signals, interlocking plants, control points and wayside detector systems.


  • Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) – L.K. Comstock will install and test wayside train control signals, interlocking plants, control points and wayside detector systems.


  • Cable and Conduit – L.K. Comstock will perform conduit installation and cable jetting for all types of cable, including fiber optic cable.


  • Positive Train Control (PTC) Systems – L.K. Comstock’s ongoing collaboration with systems manufacturers and designers, along with our experience in wayside installations for PTC components, ensures a reliable PTC solution.


  • Signal Houses – L.K. Comstock can provide fully wired and tested shelters and racks for both signals and communications-type systems.


  • Wayside Inspection Systems – L.K. Comstock has experience installing various wayside detector systems, including high-water detectors, hot box detectors, hot-wheel detectors, dragging equipment detectors and AEI sites.


L.K. Comstock also offers inspection and maintenance services that test signal function and regulation compliance, executed by one of our system specialists.

Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project
Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project
Los Angeles, Calif.

Our Transit Leadership

Ben D'Alessandro
Ben D'Alessandro
President, L.K. Comstock & Company LLC. New York Division President, RailWorks Transit LLC.


Everything we do prioritizes safety, and our S&C work is no exception. We’re committed to protecting our employees, the crews we work alongside and the passengers you serve.


Transit is evolving and the systems that control it are getting more complex every day. RailWorks takes pride in its place on the cutting edge of rail technology, which allows us to tackle even the most advanced systems-related projects with confidence and clarity.


You won’t find a more able group of transit professionals than those at RailWorks and L.K. Comstock. Our years of experience make us uniquely equipped to get quality work done the way you want it – on budget and on time.