Track Training

Getting crews up to speed with programs for more informed operations.
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Excellent work starts with educated employees

We’re committed to doing the best work in the industry, and that requires everyone on the track to be an expert in their field. We offer a diverse range of training programs for employees at every level, including those employed by industrial customers with track infrastructure. From safety and inspections, to equipment orientation, to job-specific training courses, RailWorks offers the most comprehensive catalog of courses in the industry.

To ensure a high standard of work across all of our crews, RailWorks employees participate in an ongoing training regimen, beginning with an orientation course at the very start of their employment. This ensures that, even as the industry changes around us, our team is always keeping pace, whether it’s with new regulations, technologies or best practices.

Employee Training
Minooka, Illinois

Customers with track infrastructure can take advantage of RailWorks’ range of maintenance and safety programs, allowing them to learn best practices in a variety of disciplines. Programs include track structure fundamentals and on-track safety, as well as general care and maintenance. These programs can be customized to each client’s needs, allowing for needed flexibility and versatility.

Industry Training
Santa Fe Springs, California

Our Track Leadership

John Young
Executive Vice President, Track


Safer operations start with more informed employees. Our training programs are just one way we’re committed to safer track operations every day. When it comes to the wellbeing of our employees, contractors and passengers, we’re all-in.


Great work doesn’t just happen – it takes effort from a crew of well-trained specialists. Partner with a team of experienced technicians, managers and more, all with the training to execute with confidence and precision.


Without the proper training, crews are more likely to hit hang-ups, make mistakes or, even worse, not understand the task at hand. This slows down jobs, especially those in narrow work windows. RailWorks crews have the training necessary to get to work swiftly and deliver industry-leading results.