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Amtrak PTC Installation

New grade crossings featuring fully updated equipment were part of the ITCS that RailWorks installed on a segment of Amtrak line between Indiana and Michigan.
Project Highlights 
  • Installed 56 new signal houses
  • Installed six new wayside signals featuring LED technology
  • Constructed nine radio towers and foundations, with related equipment and cabling
Signals & Communications
Porter, Indiana
Business Unit 
RailWorks Signals & Communications
Project Description 

RailWorks Signals and Communications installed a positive train control system (PTC) on a 100-mile portion of Amtrak’s high speed corridor between Chicago and Detroit. The $3.6 million project came in response to the new federal mandates requiring PTC technology by 2015 on designated US rail lines used to transport passengers and certain hazardous materials.

Project Scope 

RailWorks crews installed a GE Transportation-designed Intermittent Train Control System (ITCS) between Porter IN and Kalamazoo MI. The crews put in 56 new signal houses and new grade crossings with updated equipment and installed all new cables for each location, along with six new wayside signals with LED technology. RailWorks crews also constructed nine radio towers and foundations and installed all related radio equipment and cabling.

Unique Features 

Sequencing the daily work was a key challenge of the project. A daily 7 a.m. production call helped Amtrak, RailWorks and the fiber-optic contractor coordinate the work and gave Amtrak a snapshot of where the crews would be working. Once a section of the work was completed, it was turned over to GE for testing and then put into service.