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The Track Geometry services from RailWorks can help determine track geometry issues to reduce delays is railroad track construction.

Track Geometry Testing

RailWorks now offers Track Geometry Testing services designed specifically for Class I and regional railroads to test the full spectrum of track geometry. Utilizing the SolidTrack system from Andian, RailWorks provides a proactive solution to locate track geometry issues so you can take action to eliminate related disruptions and delays. This turnkey service features these advantages:

  • Immediate results - Data is recorded in high resolution showing all urgent and warning defects in real time. This approach means defects can be corrected immediately to improve track safety and eliminate derailments.
  • Reports to suit your operations – All data and report features are tagged with GPS coordinates to easily pinpoint the location on your track. Reports can be exported during our post-run analysis and can incorporate strip charts, curve data and a defect analysis. Reports come in various formats, including PDF, KLM and CSV and can be distributed electronically to meet your needs.
  • Valuable track life-cycle tool - Data can be archived for use in predictive modeling, such as track degradation, wide gauge, surface, and alignment defects. This information is useful to plan maintenance and capital programs.
  • Portable operations for maximum flexibility – Our hi-rail vehicles can efficiently get on and off the rail at road crossings and quickly move between track points by rail or road. This system also gives us the capability to test and record data in reverse.
  • High-tech, hi-rail fleet – Our vehicles are equipped with SolidTrack technology that creates a detailed profile of the track’s conditions. The mechanical gauge contact feature allows us to test the track in adverse conditions, such as snow, debris, rain and excessive vegetation.inspection reports provide track layout (GPS) diagrams with actionable alternatives


RailWorks offers Track Geometry testing services, outlined in this brochure.Download our brochure