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BP’s Cherry Point Refinery

Project Highlights 
  • Constructed more than 20,000 track feet, including a loop track, 17 turnouts and the unloading area.
Blaine, Washington
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

RailWorks constructed a new rail unloading facility at BP’s Cherry Point Refinery, just south of the Canadian border in northwest Washington.

Project Scope 

RailWorks Track Systems joined with 22 other subcontractors to construct the new rail unloading facility. Working with general contractor Haskell Corporation and subcontractor Granite Construction, the team constructed the new rail facility designed to transfer primarily crude oil from the Bakken region in North Dakota between rail cars and BP’s refinery, the largest in the state of Washington.

Prior to starting work, the management team split the project site into five zones. RailWorks constructed zone 3 first, welded rail there and then moved on to completing the other zones. RailWorks kept an experienced, 18-person crew working all the time throughout the project. Always on the heels of grading, the crew worked together efficiently to construct 20,545 track feet, including a 10,200 linear foot loop track, 17 #11 turnouts and 1,740 track feet of drip pans in the unloading area. The work wrapped up by the project deadline in December 2013 with zero incidents.

Unique Features 

In recognizing unsung heroes on the project, Haskell Project Construction Manager Calyx Hoag counted the RailWorks team among “some of the folks without whom we couldn’t have succeeded.” (Marty Lenhart) has quietly built a beautiful rail system for us. Abel Benitez, the switch master for RailWorks, is as much artist as technician. If a set of railroad tracks can be lovely, his are gorgeous.”

Other participants 
Haskell Corporation, general contractor Granite Construction, subcontractor