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Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad

Project Highlights 
  • Cut away sections of damaged H pile
  • Welded piles
  • Installed strapping on piles
Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

In coastal North Carolina, RailWorks repaired a RailAmerica bridge's water-damaged steel piling.

Project Scope 
RailWorks took care of corroded and pitted piling for a steel bridge on the Chesapeake & Albemarle.  The bridge, spanning water near a bay off of Albemarle Sound, had suffered pile damage at the water line.   Wind and tides caused water levels to change throughout the day, so before they could work, the crew created a dam and pumped water away from their work area.  They then cut away 2- to 3-foot sections of damaged H pile before welding the piles and installing strapping on them.