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Copper Basin Railway Bridge

RailWorks came in 10 hours ahead of schedule in an already-tight work window for this bridge for Copper Basin Railway in Arizona.
Project Highlights 
  • Removed and replaced track
  • Removed and replaced ballast
  • Removed and replaced deck boards
  • Removed and replaced stringers
  • Removed and replalced caps
Kearney, Arizona
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

In a 72-hour work window, RailWorks dismantled and rebuilt a 110-foot-long bridge in Kearney, Ariz.

Project Scope 

This job  presented a challenge due to the tight work window to perform extensive work.  After just a few days of prep time, the RailWorks crew had the track from a Sunday evening until the following Thursday morning. In 72 hours, RailWorks was to remove the track, ballast, deck boards and all stringers and caps, and then rebuild the 110-foot-long, 35-foot tall bridge. They wrapped up work and ran a train and light engines over the track by 7 p.m. Wednesday – 10 hours ahead of schedule.