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DM&E Railroad

RailWorks rehabilitated DM&E's line between Colony, Wyo., and Rapid City, S.D.
Project Highlights 
  • Rehabbed 30-plus miles of track
  • Installed 20-plus road crossings
  • Performed on active rail line
Colony, Wyoming
DM&E Railroad
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

RailWorks rehabilitated 30 miles of the DM&E line in South Dakota and eastern Wyoming. The line is a portion of more than 60 miles of track from Colony, Wyo., to Rapid City, S.D., acquired from Union Pacific in 1996.

Project Scope 

RailWorks crews installed 35,000 ties; relayed 30 miles of continuous welded rail; surfaced, lined and dressed more than 30 miles of track; and removed and replaced more than 20 road crossings.

Unique Features 

RailWorks crews utilized eight- to 10-hour work windows to install ties, relay rail, surface track and install railroad crossings across the prairies of South Dakota and eastern Wyoming.