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Foresight Management Coal Mining Operations

RailWorks Track Services constructed new track infrastructure for Sugar Camp Energy LLC, in Macedonia, Ill., one of four different project sites in Illinois and Indiana for Foresight Management LLC subsidiaries.
Project Highlights 
  • Constructed more than 132,000 feet of track
  • Installed 22 turnouts
  • Installed 13 crossings
Macedonia, Illinois
Foresight Management LLC
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Services
Project Description 

With its work to enhance transportation at four U.S. coal mining operations, RailWorks helped Foresight Management LLC ramp up coal operations across the United States.

Project Scope 

When Foresight Management LLC embarked on its vision of operating a fleet of coal mining operations in the U.S. heartland, it designed a strategy to leverage transportation to its advantage.

“While developing its mines, Foresight has built in a variety of transportation options for each complex providing them with unsurpassed transportation ensuring Foresight’s ability to be the low-cost provider to almost any coal market,” reported Coal Age magazine.
For 18 months, RailWorks Track Services helped Foresight subsidiaries achieve their goal of unsurpassed transportation at four different project sites. In all, they constructed more than 132,000 feet of track and installed 22 turnouts and 13 crossings with a combined project value in excess of $9 million.
Sugar Camp Energy LLC – RailWorks constructed 12,190 feet of continuous welded rail (CWR) and installed six turnouts during 2010 at this new mine in Macedonia, Ill., served by CN.
Savatran LLC – RailWorks constructed 85,595 feet of CWR and installed four turnouts and a timber and a concrete crossing for the yard and spur track between Macedonia and McLeansboro, Ill. Sister company RailWorks Signals & Communications installed 12 gated and signalized highway grade crossing systems. When this new spur was completed early in 2011, it provided a rail connection from the Sugar Camp mine to the Evansville Western Railway.
Sitran LLC – RailWorks constructed 18,984 feet of CWR and installed 10 turnouts for this dock on the Ohio River in Mount Vernon, Ind. RailWorks Signals & Communications installed one gated and signalized highway grade crossing system. The facility has the capacity to stage four, 135-car trains on site and has access to both the Ohio and Mississippi river systems.
Hillsboro Energy LLC – RailWorks finished construction in the summer of 2011 on the track infrastructure for the new Deer Creek Mine in Hillsboro, Ill. Crews constructed 15,723 feet of CWR and installed four turnouts.
With its rail infrastructure in place, the Foresight operations ramped up production of coal destined to provide energy throughout the United States and abroad.