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UP Glidden Subdivision Siding Extension

A RailWorks Track Systems crew out of the Houston division office unloads ties from rail cars as part of a project to extend a siding for Union Pacific Railroad.
Engle, Texas
Union Pacific Railroad
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

RailWorks Track Systems constructed a new siding extension for Union Pacific Railroad west of Houston, Texas.

Project Scope 

RailWorks contracted to Tug Hill Construction on this project for Union Pacific Railroad, installing 5,000 concrete ties on a new siding extension. RailWorks provided the labor and equipment to unload the ties in UP’s Flatonia, Texas, rail yard and transport them to the new siding extension in Engle.

Among other responsibilities, RailWorks was responsible for the grading, culvert and track construction.  A crew used 136# heavy-haul continuous-welded rail to construct 10,574 track feet on concrete ties, along with 519 track feet on wood ties.  They installed 56 track feet of concrete panels.

While UP provided all materials, RailWorks provided labor and equipment for unloading the 5,000 concrete ties in the railroad's Flatonia, Texas, yard and transport them them to the new siding extension in Engle.  RailWorks used a grapple truck with a Rosenqvist SL400 tie jig attachment to unload the ties from railcars and place on semi-trailers.  They used a John Deere 350D with Rosenqvist SL800 tie jig attachment to offload ties and place them on the grade.   

The siding extension will enhance efficiency by accommodating long freight trains, allowing freight and passenger trains to stay on the mainline while waiting to be staged in the Flatonia yard.  The extension also will allow UP maintenance crews to store equipment.

Other participants 
Tug Hill Construction