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High-Speed Rail Corridor between Chicago and St. Louis

Project Highlights 
Demolished and reconstructed sidings
Constructed crossings
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Services
Project Description 

RailWorks has completed and continues to work on several capacity expansion projects on Union Pacific-owned track in Illinois to create a high-speed rail corridor between Chicago and St. Louis. 

Project Scope 
RailWorks Track Services crews are at work upgrading and constructing track and crossings to accommodate up to 110-mph train travel. In many instances, their work along the 284-mile route, involves switching out wood ties for stronger concrete ties to allow for the higher-speed trains, or increasing capacity by adding siding the freight trains can make way for the Amtrak trains to pass. 
Crews have demolished and reconstructed siding totaling more than 10 miles of track and seven crossing in Pontiac, Odell, Carlinville and Lincoln to add capacity to the corridor. Additional work is planned in Girard, Ridgley, Elkhart, McLean, Ballard and Normal into 2015.
The entire project is slated for completion in 2017, ultimately shortening the trip from nearly six hours to fewer than four hours and creating the first truly high-speed rail corridor in America’s heartland.