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Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility

Employees work on storage tracks and switches in the yard of the Norfolk Southern Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility.
Project Highlights 
  • Constructed 60,000 feet of CWR track
  • Installed 32 switches
Rossville, Tennessee
Norfolk Southern
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

RailWorks constructed track for a new Norfolk Southern intermodal facility in Tennessee.

Project Scope 

At the new $105 million intermodal facility located on a 400-acre site outside of Memphis, RailWorks Track Systems constructed 70,000 feet of track using mostly steel ties as well as 33 switches comprised of these segments:
• Three loading/unloading pad track and four storage tracks
• Two lead tracks and a wye junction to connect to NS’ main line
• A 1-mile running track and a 1-mile loop track to allow trains to reverse direction after entering the facility.

Trains began operating out of this facility in July 2012. 

Unique Features 

The terminal is designed to help Norfolk Southern improve intermodal service in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is part of Norfolk Southern’s initiative to establish a high-capacity intermodal freight route in the "Crescent Corridor" between the Gulf Coast and the Northeast.