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Millennium Line SkyTrain Extension

Constructed 44 km of mainline with 40 special turnouts Installed power rail and linear motor rail
Project Highlights 
  • Constructing more than 17,000 feet of track, 17 turnouts and 17 track bumpers
  • Constructing five grade crossings
  • Performing grading, drainage and electrical work
Transit & Systems
New Westminster, British Columbia
Rapid Transit Project 2000 Ltd.
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks constructed this 20-kilometer light rail line, the second line in the SkyTrain system, in 2000 and its extension in 2006. The Millennium Line, an expansion to Vancouver’s SkyTrain rapid transit system, begins in New Westminster and extends west to near Vancouver Community College.

Project Scope 

PNR RailWorks completed the following work in February 2002, months ahead of schedule:

  • Expanded the existing maintenance and service facility tracks (installed about 1,600 linear meters of new concrete tie track and 10 switches)
  • Installed 40,000 linear meters of track work and installed 40 pieces of special track work
  • Installed 80 km of power rail and 40 km of linear motor rail
Unique Features 

Because much of the Millennium Line is on an elevated guide way, workers and equipment were virtually always 25 feet above the ground. Accessing the workspace, as well as switching the
position of equipment and servicing it, was challenging. The space was 8½ feet wide and in the middle of major arterial roads.

Several operations were dependent upon the ones before them, and by utilizing an experienced worker pool, PNR RailWorks was able to work well ahead of schedule. Innovative solutions also kept the team on schedule. They designed and built a complete flash butt welding system to operate in the narrow guide way. And to speed the drilling processes for the LIM and power rail system, they developed specialty coring equipment.