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Port of Vancouver Terminal 5

Port of Vancouver Terminal 5
Project Highlights 
  • Constructed 33,000 feet of loop track
  • Installed seven ladder tracks
  • Laid 850 to 900 concrete ties daily
  • Fastened up to 1,700 track-feet of rail clips each day
  • Install the TWC, bonding, power, signal and frog bonding
Vancouver, Washington
Port of Vancouver
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

RailWorks constructed more than 33,000 track-feet of rail for the Port of Vancouver.

Project Scope 

The $2.45 million Terminal 5 project is a component of the bigger West Vancouver Freight Access project set for completion in 2017. The Terminal 5 construction represents a critical segment of the Freight Access project, creating access to BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad unit trains and reducing congestion in the busy BNSF Vancouver rail yard.

RailWorks installed 1600-foot lengths of continuous welded rail at Terminal 5 to complete a 33,000-track-foot loop track and seven ladder tracks.

Unique Features 

The Port of Vancouver USA is located along the banks of the Columbia River and serves as the gateway to Eastern Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho river-barge ports. Terminal 5, formerly the property of aluminum companies Evergreen and Alcoa, opened in 2009. Each year, it handles 500 ocean-going vessels often carrying automobiles and wind-energy components.

Unloading the rail train proved challenging. Working at a fast pace in a three-day window, RailWorks teams successfully moved 52 rail sticks of 1,600 feet in length off of the train to a stockpile 3,200 feet away.

The laying of concrete ties and clipping of track also moved at an efficient rate. Using an excavator and manual tie jig, an operator and four laborers unloaded and laid 850 to 900 concrete ties daily. Another four-man crew fastened up to 1,700 track-feet of rail clips each day.

Other participants 
Rotschy Inc. (General Contractor