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Portland & Western Railroad, Inc.

RailWorks rehabilitated key sections of the Portland & Western Railroad.
Project Highlights 
  • Installed 10,000-plus ties
  • Relayed nearly 70 miles of rail
  • Performed 369 field welds
  • Upgraded 25 crossings
Portland, Oregon
Portland & Western Railroad, Inc.
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

RailWorks served as the prime contractor to rehabilitate sections of the 520-mile rail line.

Project Scope 

RailWorks installed a total of 10,625 new ties and more than 69 miles of rail relay, completed 369 field welds and surfaced various locations on this Genessee & Wyoming property. RailWorks also completed the following work:

  • Removed existing track, prepared subgrade and constructed a 650-foot rail spur
  • Rehabilitated two turnouts
  • Removed existing rail and relayed 115# rail under traffic
  • Replaced switch ties in seven turnouts
  • Upgraded 25 crossings and completed related paving and culvert installation
Unique Features 

The project was completed on time as scheduled in December of 2006.

Other participants 
Portland & Western Railroad, Inc. – architect/engineer