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Stevens Pass Maintenance Program

The RailWorker® hi-rail excavator worked with BNSF MOW crews on three separate projects to perform a range of rehabilitation and maintenance services.
Project Highlights 
  • Aligned track at tie-in points
  • Cleaned shoulders and ballast at hard-to-reach bridge sites
  • Cleaned ditches
  • Changed out track panels
Near Skyomish, Washington
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Systems
Project Description 

The RailWorker®, a turnkey service featuring a hi-rail excavator with a trained operator, worked in conjunction with BNSF crews to perform rehabilitation and maintenance work on the line near Stevens Pass.

Project Scope 

The RailWorker® worked at the direction of BNSF foremen to perform three separate projects in conjunction with BNSF MOW crews:

  • Assisted in changing out ties and rail and was particularly helpful digging out ballast and ties and aligning track at tie-in points
  • Worked with the bridge crew to clean shoulders and ballast on hard-to-access areas on bridge decks
  • Worked with the BNSF slot train to clean ditches and change out track panels in the tunnel.
Unique Features 

RailWorks provided two sizes of RailWorker® excavators to perform a range of tasks for the BNSF. Because of its portability and hi-rail capabilities, the RailWorker® could more easily reach and perform work than traditional rubber-tired equipment. While performing as a “helper” to BNSF crews, the RailWorker® proved itself an indispensable resource to quickly perform a range of tasks on its own and in conjunction with work crews.