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Union Pearson Express

Project Highlights 
  • Constructed more than a mile of DF track on the guideway
  • Installed innovative platform doors 
  • 2013 Project of the Year at the Global AirRail Awards
Toronto, Ontario
AirLINX Transit Partners, a joint venture of Aecon Construction and Dufferin Construction
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks built part of the 15.5 miles of the Union Pearson Express near the Toronto Pearson International Airport. 

Project Scope 
PNR RailWorks crews installed just over a mile of direct-fixation (DF) track on a guideway that’s about 36 feet wide and elevated 115 feet at its highest point atop the Pearson International Airport Terminal 1.
PNR RailWorks also installed innovative platform doors (called SDSs, or platform screen doors) at both the airport and Union Station.
The doors put a protective barrier between waiting passengers and trains. SDSs are a common transit platform safety measure in Asia and Europe, and are often used in North America as part of airport automated people-movers. But their installation by PNR RailWorks at Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1 and at Union Station is the first for a North American rail transit system.
PNR RailWorks installed 18 platform screen doors for the UP Express.
Unique Features 

The UP Express was named 2013 Project of the Year, reflecting best practices and excellence in the international air-rail industry, at the Global AirRail Awards in May 2014.