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Verso Paper Maintenance Program

RailWorks performs full-time maintenance for Verso paper, including track gauging services.
Project Highlights 
  • Snow removal
  • Switch maintenance
  • Track re-gauging
  • Planned capital projects
Jay, Maine
Verso Paper
Business Unit 
RailWorks Track Services
Project Description 

RailWorks provides a full-time, routine maintenance program for Verso Paper facility in Jay, ME. A dedicated, four-person RailWorks crew performs year-round preventative maintenance and capital improvement work.

Project Scope 

RailWorks’ experienced maintenance crews are familiar with Verso’s vigorous operations and competently supply full-time track maintenance services. Track maintenance services include ongoing inspections, de-rail repair, surfacing, snow removal during extreme weather conditions and capital projects performed during summer months. These services help ensure track operations are not interrupted by obstructions or track defects.

Unique Features 

Extreme winter weather in Maine provides daily challenges. RailWorks re-located qualified people to the area to meet the client’s needs and protect the company’s investment in track infrastructure.