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Class 1 Railroads

RailWorks constructed track for a new Norfolk Southern intermodal facility in Tennessee.

RailWorks installed nearly 70,000 track feet of rail in this strategically important intermodal facility for Norfolk Southern in Alabama.

RailWorks performed track restoration and new track construction as part of CN’s $141 million expansion of its yard in Gary, Indiana.

RailWorks extended Kansas City Southern Railway's Spear Siding in Robstown, Texas, west of Corpus Christi.

RailWorks' upgrades helped enable the advent of high-speed rail travel on an important segment of Amtrak's Chicago-to-St. Louis route.

RailWorks expanded storage capacity at Union Pacific Railroad's Livonia (La.) Yard.

RailWorks Track Systems constructed a new siding extension for Union Pacific Railroad west of Houston, Texas.

Production crews rehabilitated approximately 31 miles of CN’s Barron Subdivision .

PNR RailWorks helped Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) expand its track infrastructure along a coal route in British Columbia.

RailWorks expanded CPR's track infrastructure at four sites in Northwestern North Dakota. The Class I railroad needed additional track capacity to suppport material deliveries and outbound oil production related to the construction and service of drilling rigs and pipelines to handle the oil boom and development of the Bakken shale oil fields.

RailWorks completed a rehabilitation and new construction project for CSX Intermodal (CSXI) in West Springfield, Mass.

RailWorks Track Systems completed a series of extensive updates for Kansas City Southern Railway's 257-acre Deramus Yard in Shreveport, La.

RailWorks installed two 400-foot sections of track for a total of 800 feet on a new lift span, which replaced a swing span.

RailWorks handled the entire $9.8 million track infrastructure for a new UP intermodal facility in Joliet, Ill.

RailWorks expanded the track infrastructure at CN’s yard in Proctor, Minn., to add the capability to make up trains.

PNR RailWorks worked side by side with CPR crews on the railway’s $160 million Western Capacity Expansion project (“West Cap”).

RailWorks constructed a new CSX siding to provide unit coal trains industrial rail access between the railroad’s main line and Gibson County Coal’s new double-loop track.

Union Pacific expanded its main line at Gasconade, Mo., to provide additional capacity.

CSXT expanded capacity on its strategic Chicago-Florida rail corridor and other sites identified for capacity improvements. RailWorks served as the prime contractor to self-perform the track construction work while managing subcontractors to perform the civil, electrical and drainage work.

In a $4 million project for CN, PNR RailWorks constructed 60,000 feet of siding tracks in CN’s Western Region, between Terrace and McBride, British Columbia.