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Working as a subcontractor to Hass-Anderson Construction, RailWorks built the new interchange for the Nueces River Rail Yard near the west end of Nueces Bay and Corpus Christi Inner Harbor, adjacent to the Joe Fulton International Corridor. 

PNR RailWorks was the first in North America to use the innovative Edilon Corkelast® embedded rail system, which crews installed in preparation for the arrival of a new coal stacker-reclaimer at Neptune Terminals in British Columbia.

RailWorks constructed the rail infrastructure for what was then one of the United States’ newest inland port facilities.

RailWorks provided track upgrades for the Port of Ephrata in Washington.

RailWorks helped the Port of Pasco uprade rail service to its Big Pasco Industrial Center in northwest Washington.

PNR RailWorks Quebec Inc. provides ongoing track maintenance and repair at most of the terminals at the Port of Montreal and on the Port of Montreal railway.

PNR RailWorks provides regular  track inspection, repair and maintenance for the majority of the terminals at the Port of Vancouver.

PNR RailWorks has more than 20 years’ experience looking after the tracks at Westshore Terminals, a coal and coke export facility at Roberts Bank Superport Marine terminals, administered by Port Metro Vancouver.

PNR RailWorks provides ongoing track and signal maintenance for Class 3 track along a major route serving the Roberts Bank Superport for “Port Sub,” part of Port Metro Vancouver.

RailWorks Track Services completed a $4.1 million project at the Port of Toledo, restoring on-dock rail service to stage and build trains at the facility’s general cargo terminals.

RailWorks constructed more than 33,000 track-feet of rail for the Port of Vancouver.

RailWorks rehabilitated two key rail yards at the Port of Tacoma, which is located on Puget Sound.

RailWorks installed three crane rails and replaced two tracks on Berth #8 at the Port of Wilmington.